How to Remove Warts

A virus is the cause of warts showing up on the skin. This virus is called HPV and it is very common in the world today. Most people will contract this virus when they're in showers or swimming pools that are in public places. When it comes to wart removal there are various things that can be done to remove these unwanted skin growths. Before you begin trying to remove a wart you have to find out what kind of wart you're dealing with in the first place.

Common warts are warts that often show up on areas like your hands. These warts are normally harmless and won't cause any pain. However, people with these warts want to get rid of them because they look ugly and can feel uncomfortable. Normally in order to remove warts some people will turn to home remedies like tea tree oil or duct tape. Home remedies for warts are preferred because they're safe to use and they won't leave behind any scars.

Another kind of warts are flat warts, which are also juvenile warts. These warts usually show up on the body parts that you shave. These warts will often show up on your facial area and they'll also show up on your legs too. They can have a slightly raised appearance and they can look a little reddish. These warts aren't dangerous, but you should definitely consult a skin care expert on different things you can do to remove them.

Genital warts are warts that show up on the genital area such as the pubic region. These warts will also appear on your thighs and in between the anus and vagina. Genital warts are extremely contagious and can easily be transmitted from one person to the next. You should see your doctor right away if you believe that you've got this wart.

Plantar warts are warts that appear on the bottom of the feet. These warts are usually harmless but they can cause some pain due to walking on them. When it comes to plantar wart removal there are various methods that can be applied. One way to get rid of these warts is to use a freezing method known as cryotherapy. The doctor will freeze the wart and then use a tool to knock off the dead skin. However, the plantar wart will usually return because the HPV will not be removed.