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The most common ways to remove warts involves freezing, burning, and cutting them out the skin. These treatments do work for getting rid of warts but they don't prevent them from coming right back. Moreover, these treatments will leave your skin with ugly looking scars that are even harder to get rid of.

Warts won't cause you any harm but they can look so ugly that they make you not even want to get out into public. Finding a natural wart remover is the key to getting rid of these unsightly skin growths without having to worry scars and other side effects that medical treatments often cause.

Even though the natural way might take longer, at least it will be gentler on your skin and it will attack the root cause of the problem so that the warts don't grow back after they are gone. Before we get into these remedies you have to keep in mind that they will not work right away but take several weeks to really work.

You can use duct tape to treat your warts naturally. When you utilize duct tape it will help the warts go away by preventing them from getting sufficient amount of air and light. The less air and light warts recieve the less chance they have surviving. Moreover, after you remove the duct tape the affected area will be soft enough for you to scrub the warts right off. All you need to do is cover up the wart using duct tape and allow it to stay covering the warts for about 6 days. Each night remove the tape and clean the affected area with warm water and soap and then use either a pumice stone or an emery board to scrape the warts. Reapply the duct tape and continue to do this each day for about 6 to 7 days. Most people that use this remedy notice that their warts go away within a 2 month period.

When it comes to natural remedies for warts you can't overlook garlic. The antiviral and antibacteria properties in garlic are known to help remove warts naturally. Using garlic can take a much longer time to work compared to other remedies. However, garlic is still very effective and very safe to use on your skin. If you don't mind the smell of garlic you should chop a piece of garlic into slices and then place it on the infected area and use a bandaid to keep it in place. The best time to use this remedy is at night before you go to bed and then leave the infected area uncovered during the day. It will take about a month to experience good results with this home remedy for warts.